funny workout memes
Being active is a lifestyle choice. Many of us wish to work out regularly and stay fit. But working out requires a lot of effort and WORK. As a loyal member of the procrastinator’s club my mantra is “Eat now, Exercise later!” *Perfect example of Fitness fail* But let’s get real! Scrolling through our Instagram
9 exciting treks in India
You might have heard people saying “If traveling was free, you wouldn’t see me again.” There is a reason why people have “Wanderlust” written in their Instagram Bios. Everyone loves to travel, in their own capacities. Travel is not just about seeing places, exploring culture, meeting people, and local cuisines. It is much deeper than
Are you one of those people who struggle with getting the perfect gift for people in your life? We can understand. Buying a present for special people in your life comes with a lot of anxiety. You want to get something that is a combination of unique and thoughtful. Right? How do you find a